An espresso machine is specialized equipment for making espresso coffee in a commercial environment such as a coffee shop. It works by forcing hot water under pressure through ground coffee, producing a concentrated espresso and flavor.

Espresso machines can be semi-automatic or automatic, and their features vary, including control of temperature, pressure, coffee grind, and other options such as a self-rinse function. Automatic machines are usually more expensive but offer a greater degree of automation and control, while semi-automatic machines are more affordable and offer a more immersive coffee-making experience.

In conclusion, an espresso machine is essential for making quality espresso coffee in a cafe and can be purchased according to specific needs and available budget.



    The Astoria Forma espresso machine is a brand of professional espresso machines, produced by the Astoria company. These espresso machines are mainly used in cafes, bars or restaurants to prepare the best quality coffee. Their varied models offer features such as temperature control, frothing system, precision coffee dosing and more to provide an optimal coffee brewing experience.

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    The Hollywood espresso machine from Astoria is a coffee machine with a unique design and advanced technical features that combines tradition with modern technology. Named after the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, this espresso machine is a journey through the film culture of the 70s, through pop-art colors, cinematic LED lights and exclusive posters, inspired by unforgettable films.

    With two or three groups, the Hollywood Espresso is equipped with a large boiler of 10.5 or 17 liters, which ensures a high production capacity. The timer that displays the extraction time for each individual group has been improved, along with new steam wands with a wider diameter. Flap shelves mean it can be used not only for espresso cups, but also milk-based drink glasses.

    Steam wands are crucial to achieving quality milk foam and cream, and the Hollywood Espresso has been designed with larger diameter steam wands for better delivery.

    In addition, the Hollywood Espressor is an ode to film icons, with exclusive posters created by Milan-based tattoo artist and illustrator Simone Caputo, inspired by five unforgettable films from the 70s. With its elegant and sensational design, Espresso Hollywood gives character to any environment in a unique way, being the perfect choice for those who want to offer a special experience to their customers.

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