A tamper or coffee press is a tool used in the espresso coffee preparation process to compact the ground coffee in the portafilter of the espresso machine before the coffee is extracted.

The tamper is a truncated pyramid-shaped object with a flat surface that fits the size of the portafilter and is pressed against the ground coffee to create an even, compact surface.

In order to make a quality espresso, it is important to have a good quality tamper and use a proper technique in the process of compacting the coffee. The tamper must be comfortable in the hand and have a flat and even surface to achieve an even distribution of ground coffee.

There are a variety of materials that tampers are made from, such as stainless steel, aluminum, bronze or wood, and prices can vary depending on the material and quality.

In conclusion, the tamper is an important tool in the process of making espresso coffee and it must be of good quality and used with proper technique to obtain a high quality and aromatic espresso.

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