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Freshly roasted specialty coffee is a premium product for coffee lovers. It is made from high-quality coffee beans, grown and processed with care, so that it has a distinctive flavor and aroma profile. These beans are then carefully roasted to bring out their unique characteristics and create a complex and pleasing aroma and taste.

An important aspect of freshly roasted specialty coffee is that it is roasted in small quantities, usually in batches of several kilograms. This allows the roaster to pay close attention to each batch of coffee and adjust the roasting process to achieve the best possible taste and aroma.

Freshly roasted specialty coffee can be found in a variety of flavors, from chocolate and fruit notes to floral and spice flavors. It can also be brewed in a variety of ways, from espresso and filter coffee to French press or Chemex, V60 or Syphon coffee.

Another important aspect of freshly roasted specialty coffee is that it is often purchased directly from coffee growers or specialty roasters, meaning it has greater traceability and transparency in terms of provenance and quality. Not only can this provide a more enjoyable and richer coffee experience, but it also supports small, independent farmers and producers.

Discover our varieties of coffee, try the blends specially created to offer a unique sensory experience :) . The products are intended for coffee lovers, who appreciate the extraordinary aromatic diversity.

Preparation recommendation: espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte, kettle, v60, siphon, aeropress, chemex and others

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    Cafea de specialitate proaspat prajita provenita din cele mai renumite zone producatoare de cafea de pe tot tinutul continentului Africa. Cafelele africane sunt de obicei descrise ca fiind complexe, fructate și florale. Acestea sunt arome puternice, bogate în parfumuri și corpolență. Cafelele din Africa sunt considerate a fi unele dintre cele mai rafinate din lume, condițiile solului fiind optime pentru cultivarea cafelei premium.                                                  


    It is essential that most of the coffee consumed in North America is sourced from other parts of the world, including Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. However, there are several regions in North America that grow and produce coffee:

    Hawaii - The Hawaiian Islands are famous for their production of Kona coffee, which is considered one of the best coffees in the world. Kona coffee is grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano and is prized for its rich and well-balanced flavor.

    Puerto Rico - Most of the island's coffee is grown in the central region of the island. Puerto Rican coffee is famous for its sweet flavor, which includes notes of chocolate and vanilla.

    California - Only a small amount of specialty coffee is produced there.


    GEOGRAPHIC ORIGINS In Central America, you'll find varying acidity, but typically coffee beans from this region are known for their balance, which is good for people early in their relationship with freshly roasted coffee. Not too bitter, not too acidic with velvety flavors like chocolate. Costa Rica is known for its full-bodied coffee, while if you head west to Mexico, you'll find something a little lighter. Both tendencies, toward homogeneity and toward differentiation, are exhibited in Central America. In Central America, four varieties are traditionally grown, Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai and Typica, which are processed through variations of the washing method.

    Central American coffee is known for its unique flavors such as chocolate, exotic fruits and caramel tones. Coffees from this region are typically grown in mid-altitude regions and are prized for their quality and consistency. Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are some of the countries that produce quality coffee in Central America.


    ORIGINI GEOGRAFICE Cafeaua din America Latină este cultivată de-a lungul coloanei muntoase, din sudul Mexicului prin America Centrală, Columbia, Bolivia și Peru, precum și în zonele muntoase din insulele mai mari din Caraibe, și pe platourile înalte din Brazilia. Cele mai bune cafele din Americi, prezintă o aciditate vie și o băutură curată, simplă. Ele oferă ceea ce pentru un nord-american reprezintă experiența normativă a unei băuturi bună. În cadrul acestei familii foarte largi de cafele, există multe varietăți în rezultatul și caracterul băuturii. Cafele crescute la altitudine mare din America Centrală și Columbia tind să aibă fie corpolente și cu o aciditate intensă. Aceste cafele atrag amatorii din școala veche. Cele mai bune soiuri din Nicaragua sunt cărnoase și corpolente. Cafeaua cultivată la înălțimile mai joase din America Centrală tind să aibă un profil aromatic uniform și catifelat. Caracterul clasic al soiurilor din America Latină derivă parțial din claritatea aromei obținută prin prelucrarea umedă. Cafele din Brazilia oferă o gamă mai largă bazată pe o varietate mai mare privind metodele de prelucrare.

  • ASIA

    Coffee producing countries in ASIA

    India - produces both Arabica and Robusta. The processing method is both washed and natural. India also produces a number of special coffees: Monsoon, Mysore Nuggtes, Robusta Kaapi Royale. India is the second largest exporter after Brazil

    Indonesia - produces Arabica and Robusta, the processing method is both washed and natural. It is used more in espresso blends due to its density and chocolate taste.

    Papua New Guinea - Commercial coffee cultivation began in 1926 It currently produces some of the best coffees in the Asia-Oceania region. The processing method is both washed and natural.

    Thailand - 99% producer of Robusta cultivated mainly in the Southern Peninsula. Only 35% -40% is exported, the remaining 60% -65% is for domestic consumption and for instant coffee. Arabica production represents 500 tons per year cultivated in the hilly region of the north. It is processed by washing and is intended for domestic use. Part of the coffee production is sent for export and is accredited organically and fair trade.

    Vietnam - until the 1980s Vietnam was a tea-consuming country. After 1976, Vietnam took important steps in both the cultivation of coffee and its export, and today it has become the second largest producer in the world after Brazil and the first producer of Robusta in the world.


    The best quality coffees, which are roasted with special attention, have a strong dominant note and we potentiate them by mixing them in various proportions, creating complexity and balance. A million words don't make money ... It's something special ... More than TASTE :) You have to try!

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