Tanzania is one of the specialty coffee producing countries in Africa, having a variety of regions with different soils and climatic conditions, which allows the cultivation of unique varieties of coffee.

Among the most famous production areas in Tanzania are the Mbeya region, the Arusha region and the Moshi region, where varieties such as Bourbon, Typica and Kent are grown. These regions produce specialty coffee with unique aromas, such as floral, citrus and chocolate notes.

In Tanzania there are also associations of specialty coffee producers, such as the Tanzania Coffee Research Institute (TCRI) and the Tanzania Coffee Association (TCA), which focus on increasing the quality of coffee produced by improving agricultural practices and promoting sustainability in the coffee industry.

Certainly, there are a multitude of specialty coffee varieties grown in Tanzania, each with unique tastes and aromas. In the following, I will present some of the most famous specialty coffee varieties from Tanzania:

Peaberry - is a variety of coffee in which the beans do not develop in pairs, but instead develop as solitary beans in coffee cherries. This makes the grains have a rounded shape, which makes them easier to harvest and process. Peaberry has an intense aroma, with hints of fruit and chocolate.

Bourbon - is a variety of specialty coffee originating from the island of Reunion, but which is also cultivated in Tanzania. It has a sweet and balanced taste, with floral aromas and notes of chocolate.

Kilimanjaro - is a variety of coffee grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, at high altitudes. The berries have an intense aroma, with notes of chocolate, fruits and herbs. This variety is considered to be one of the best in Tanzania.

Ngorongoro - is a specialty coffee variety grown near the Ngorongoro National Park. The berries have a sweet and fruity taste, with hints of cocoa and nuts.

If you want to enjoy the taste of specialty coffee from Tanzania, I recommend you try a cafe specializing in quality coffee, which offers varieties from this country. You can also try to buy specialty coffee beans from Tanzania and prepare them at home, to enjoy the authentic taste of this coffee.

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