North American specialty coffee is one of the most appreciated and recognized in the world for its complex taste, unique aromas and superior quality. Specialty coffee is grown in high altitude areas where the climate and soil are ideal for producing high quality coffee beans. The best-known coffee regions in North America include Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands, and Mexico.

Mexico is known for its high-quality Arabica coffee, grown in the southern areas of the country, such as the Chiapas region. This coffee has a distinctive taste with hints of chocolate, dried fruit and nuts. Coffee in Mexico is often grown under organic farming conditions, without pesticides or other chemicals.

To produce North American specialty coffee, carefully selected coffee varieties are used and roasted in small batches to preserve its unique flavors and properties. The roasting process is very important to develop the aromas and taste of the coffee. There is a wide range of specialty coffees available, each with its own characteristics and taste notes.

The Hawaii region is known for its Kona coffee, which is grown on the slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano. Kona coffee beans are hand-harvested and carefully roasted to preserve their distinctive aroma and delicate, sweet taste. Puerto Rico is famous for its Yauco Selecto coffee, which is considered one of the best coffees in the world. This coffee is grown in the mountains of the southwest of the island and has a rich and intense aroma with notes of chocolate and nuts. The Caribbean islands are also known for their specialty coffee, with varieties such as Jamaica Blue Mountain and Dominican Republic Barahona.

California - Only a small amount of specialty coffee is produced there.

In conclusion, North American specialty coffee is one of the most appreciated in the world due to its complex taste and superior quality. The most famous regions for specialty coffee production in North America include Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands and Mexico, which produce unique and distinctive coffees, each with its own characteristics and taste notes.

Specialty Coffee from North America: Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, and Mexico



    The Dominican Republic is a country located in North America, known for its natural beauty and beaches.

    In this, it is cultivated in several regions of the Dominican Republic, including mountain regions such as the Cordillera Central and Sierra Martín García. These areas are characterized by their favorable climate and solution for the cultivation of high quality specialty coffee.

    Dominican coffee is famous for its sweet flavor and notes of chocolate and fruit, as well as its moderate acidity. It is exported to the world and is appreciated by coffee lovers around the world.

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