Coffee producing countries in ASIA

India - produces both Arabica and Robusta. The processing method is both washed and natural. India also produces a number of special coffees: Monsoon, Mysore Nuggtes, Robusta Kaapi Royale. India is the second largest exporter after Brazil

Indonesia - produces Arabica and Robusta, the processing method is both washed and natural. It is used more in espresso blends due to its density and chocolate taste.

Papua New Guinea - Commercial coffee cultivation began in 1926 It currently produces some of the best coffees in the Asia-Oceania region. The processing method is both washed and natural.

Thailand - 99% producer of Robusta cultivated mainly in the Southern Peninsula. Only 35% -40% is exported, the remaining 60% -65% is for domestic consumption and for instant coffee. Arabica production represents 500 tons per year cultivated in the hilly region of the north. It is processed by washing and is intended for domestic use. Part of the coffee production is sent for export and is accredited organically and fair trade.

Vietnam - until the 1980s Vietnam was a tea-consuming country. After 1976, Vietnam took important steps in both the cultivation of coffee and its export, and today it has become the second largest producer in the world after Brazil and the first producer of Robusta in the world.

Coffee-producing countries in ASIA - Freshly roasted specialty coffee



    Indonesian specialty coffee is renowned for its unique aroma and taste characteristics such as berry, chocolate and nut notes. Most specialty coffees in Indonesia are produced from Arabica coffee varieties such as Typica and Bourbon. Major coffee growing regions in Indonesia include Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi. Traditional processing methods such as water processing and honey processing also contribute to the unique characteristics of Indonesian specialty coffee.


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