List of products by brand FIORENZATO

Passion, entrepreneurial skill and a continuous quest for excellence: these are the ingredients that set Fiorenzato’s history apart. An Italian history through and through that has spearheaded technological development in the world of coffee grinders and grinder-dosers for over eighty years.

Fiorenzato was born in the heart of Italy, a country known for its love of coffee and its craftsmanship in high quality product design. Over the years, Fiorenzato has become a household name known for its innovation in coffee grinding technology and the exceptional quality of its products.

It started as a small family operation, but with a clear vision and a passion for excellence, Fiorenzato has been able to expand and grow, becoming a market leader in the coffee industry. Out of respect for its traditions, Fiorenzato still maintains attention to and craftsmanship in the manufacture of its products, even while exploring new technologies and innovations to make the coffee preparation experience.

Today, Fiorenzato is world-renowned for its espresso machines and coffee grinders, which are appreciated by professionals and coffee lovers alike. With a strong presence in more than 50 countries, Fiorenzato continues to develop and innovate, consolidating its position as one of the most important players in the coffee industry.

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