V60 brewed coffee is a popular and appreciated method of brewing coffee that provides precise control over the extraction process and allows tasters to experiment with different brewing methods.

V60 is the name of a type of conical filter, made of paper or metal, that can be used to prepare coffee by the filter method. This conical filter has a small hole at the bottom and a 60-degree angle, which allows the waters to flow in a controlled manner through the ground coffee. The inner part of the filter has some striations that manage to retain the water in contact with the coffee granules for a longer period, extending the extraction time.

To make coffee in the V60, start by heating the water to the right temperature and preheat the V60 filter. Then the ground coffee is added to the filter and warm water is poured over it, starting with a small amount and gradually increasing.

This process of "brewing" the coffee allows the aromas and oils in the coffee to open up and mix with the water, creating a drink with a complex taste and aroma. It also allows precise control of the ratio between water and coffee, as well as the extraction time, all of which contribute to obtaining a drink with delicate and fine notes.

It is important to note that the V60 method requires a certain level of skill and skill, as well as appropriate equipment such as a V60 filter and a gooseneck kettle to prepare the coffee. However, this can be an extremely rewarding method for those who love coffee and want to experiment with different brewing methods.