Specialty coffee is a type of superior quality coffee, which is grown, processed and prepared with careful and rigorous methods. This type of coffee is characterized by unique aromas, fine tastes and superior organoleptic properties, such as acidity, body and balance.

In general, specialty coffee is grown in well-defined geographical areas and has a rich history in local culture. It is also carefully selected and processed using methods that allow each grain to develop to its maximum potential, before being roasted and carefully prepared.

Important notes related to specialty coffee include:

Terroir: the concept of terroir refers to the unique combination of geographical, climatic and cultural conditions that influence the aroma and taste of coffee.

Grading: the coffee quality classification system, which takes into account the size and shape of the beans, the presence of defects, moisture content and other characteristics.

Processing: the method by which coffee beans are processed after harvesting to develop their unique organoleptic characteristics.

Roasting: the process by which coffee beans are roasted at high temperatures to develop their aroma and taste.

Preparation: the method by which the coffee is prepared for drinking, such as espresso, filter, V60, Siphon or aeropress.