Selecting the ideal freshly roasted specialty coffee for you: a guide

Taste and aroma – essential criteria:

Freshly roasted specialty coffee presents a diversity of tastes and aromas, determined by the origin, processing and roasting of the beans. To find the best coffee for you, take into account your preferences, such as sweetness, acidity, floral or chocolate notes.

The influence of the level of roasting:

The taste and aroma of coffee is influenced by the level of roasting. Light roast coffee has more intense flavors and higher acidity, while dark roast coffee reveals notes of chocolate and caramel. Choose the browning level that best suits your preferences.

The importance of the degree of grinding:

The degree of grinding of the coffee is essential to achieve optimal extraction and a balanced taste. Choose the right grind according to the brewing method used: fine grind for espresso, medium for pour-over and coarse for French press or cold brew.

Specialty coffee with or without caffeine:

If you are sensitive to caffeine or prefer to drink coffee in the second part of the day, opt for a decaffeinated variant of specialty coffee. Thus, you will be able to enjoy its complex taste and aromas without affecting your sleep or energy level.

Choosing a sustainable and certified coffee:

In selecting specialty coffee, it is essential to consider ethical and ecological aspects. Opt for Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance or Organic certified coffees, which ensure sustainable practices and fair treatment for farmers.


Selecting the ideal specialty coffee for you involves several factors, including personal taste, brewing method and ethical concerns. Experiment with different types of coffee, roasts and brewing techniques to discover the most suitable combination for your needs and preferences.