In the world of specialty coffee, each brewing method has its own story and ritual. One of the most captivating and spectacular methods is using the syphon, a method that blends science, art, and theatricality into a unique coffee experience.

The Syphon - An Instrument of Elegance and Precision

The syphon, also known as a siphon or vacpot, is a coffee brewing method that utilizes air pressure and controlled temperature to extract the delicate flavors of coffee beans. While it may seem complicated at first, the syphon offers precise control over every aspect of the brewing process, from water temperature to extraction time.

The Raw Material - Coffee Beans

To achieve specialty coffee with the syphon, it's essential to start with the highest quality beans. Fresh, single-origin beans bring complex and distinct flavors to syphon-brewed coffee. Typically, arabica coffee beans are preferred for this method due to their rich aromatic profile and balanced acidity.

The Brewing Process

Grinding the Coffee: To get the best coffee with the syphon, grinding should be uniform and match the desired extraction time. Fine grinding can be used for a quicker extraction, while coarser grinding can highlight the more delicate notes of the coffee.

Heating the Water and Assembling the Syphon: Water is heated in the lower part of the syphon, and the upper part (the bowl) is fixed on top. As the water heats up, the ground coffee beans are placed in the upper part of the syphon, which will later be placed over the hot water.

Infusion and Extraction: Once the water has reached the optimal temperature, the syphon is fully assembled so that the steam pushes the water into the upper part of the device, where it will come into contact with the ground coffee. Then, gently stir the coffee to ensure even extraction.

Filtration and Serving: After the coffee has been infused for about a minute, the syphon is removed from heat and filtered. Cloth or paper filters are used to separate the coffee from the ground coffee, resulting in a clean and clear beverage. The coffee is then poured into preheated cups and served immediately.


Brewing specialty coffee with the syphon is more than just a simple extraction method - it's an art in itself. From meticulously selecting coffee beans to carefully controlling every aspect of the brewing process, the syphon offers a captivating and delicious experience for coffee lovers. With its theatricality and spectacular end result, the syphon adds a touch of elegance and refinement to the world of specialty coffee.