Discover the Performance and Versatility of the DK30 Coffee Grinder
  • Discover the Performance and Versatility of the DK30 Coffee Grinder

DK30 professional grinder

4,979.00 lei
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DK30 is a high-performance coffee grinder, designed to offer a homogeneous and precise grinding, regardless of the fineness level selected. This is ideal for cafes and coffee shops that want to offer their customers an exceptional coffee experience.


The DK30 has a powerful 0.75 kW motor and high-quality stainless steel grinding blades, which allows it to process large quantities of coffee beans at fast speeds. In addition, the large size of the grinding disc of 80 mm allows a better distribution of heat and a better extraction of the aromas from the coffee.

This grinder is easy to use and maintain, with an ergonomic design and a solid construction of high quality materials. It is equipped with a precise fineness adjustment system, so that users can quickly adjust the settings to obtain the ideal grind for different types of coffee.

In addition, the DK30 comes with an integrated cleaning system and an easy-to-disassemble design for easy maintenance and cleaning. This grinder is available in the standard color of black.

Voltage / Frequency 220V / 50Hz or 110V / 60Hz

Motor power 0.75 kW

Average grinding capacity* 500g/min

Hopper capacity 500 g

Sanding disc diameter Ø 80 mm

Net weight 21 kg

Dimensions (w x h x d), mm 160 x 160 x 480

Standard color black