Fiorenzato F64EVO - A Precise and Reliable Coffee Grinder
  • Fiorenzato F64EVO - A Precise and Reliable Coffee Grinder
  • Fiorenzato F64EVO - A Precise and Reliable Coffee Grinder

Fiorenzato F64EVO coffee grinder

4,180.00 lei
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The F64EVO coffee grinder from Fiorenzato is a high-quality product designed to provide baristas with a precise, reliable and easy-to-use tool for grinding coffee. Equipped with a series of advanced technical features, it is designed to be efficient and practical in use.


Among its technical features is the continuous micrometric adjustment of the ring nut, which allows baristas to adjust the coffee grind precisely and precisely to the desired level. This allows baristas to easily sweep a variety of coffee types, thus offering high flexibility in the beverage preparation process.

Another important aspect of the F64EVO is its automatic ventilation system, which ensures that the engine is properly cooled during use. This system prevents engine overheating and guarantees a long product life.

Also, the grinder has an adjustable fork, which allows users to adjust the height of the collection container to better adapt to different types of mugs or glasses.

Adjusting the doses can be done in a few seconds, thus ensuring a fast and efficient coffee grinding process. With a power of 350 watts and a blade diameter of 64 mm, this product offers a high performance and efficiency in grinding coffee beans.

In addition, the 1.5kg coffee bean hopper capacity ensures high storage capacity, meaning baristas can grind a larger amount of coffee without having to refill the hopper too often.

In conclusion, the Fiorenzato F64EVO is a high-quality coffee grinder that combines precision and reliability in use, while offering high flexibility for preparing different types of coffee. With a robust and functional design, this can be considered an essential tool for professional baristas or for those who want to enjoy a quality coffee in the comfort of their home.


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