Papua Sigri



Mărime: aa

Altitudine: 1550M

Procesare:  fully-Washed

complex + very fresh • black currant green tomato • fruity + sweet •

velvet body

Grinding level

Coffee in Papua New Guinea has been commercially planted since 1950s only. The Sigri Plantation was one of the first farms that started with the professional cultivation of coffee. Today it comprises 122ha and is internationally recognized for producing one of the finest coffees in the world.

All plantings are Arabica, concentrating on the Typica varieties which originate from seed of Jamaica Blue Mountain Typica. The combination of fertile volcanic soil, heights of approx. 1.550 meters, the cool climate and ample rainfalls create the ideal environment for growing high quality Arabica coffee. Moreover, strict rules on fauna protection have been implemented on Sigri Estate in order to create a sanctuary for endangered species under threat. The farm management supports different kinds of social concerns: community activities, aiding schools, churches and medical facilities. They undertake road and bridge maintenance for the use of the community and have founded several elementary schools of which one was sponsored by List + Beisler. Furthermore, a Community Relations Officer is involved in projects that enhance women´s status in the community in order to promote gender equality.

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