Discover fresh roasted Cemorrado Chocolate Editionspecialty coffee from Brazil
  • Discover fresh roasted Cemorrado Chocolate Editionspecialty coffee from Brazil
  • Discover fresh roasted Cemorrado Chocolate Editionspecialty coffee from Brazil

Brazilia Cemorrado

37.50 lei
Tax included

Varietal: CATUAI,


Size: 17/18

Altitude: 1100+M

Processing: natural

Taste with a pronounced

chocolate flavor,

notes of nougat, waffle

SCA score: 82.75 pc.

ROASTING PROFILE: Suitable for preparing Espresso, Filter, V60, Siphon, Chemex

DEGASATION PERIOD: Espresso 10-14 days; Filter 7 days

Quantity: 250 Gr.
Grinding level: BEANS

Brazil is one of the largest coffee producing countries in the world and has earned a well-established reputation for the quality of its coffee. However, due to the massive scale of coffee production in the country, there is a constant need for improvement and innovation to maintain the quality and consistency of the coffee. In this regard, the Volcafe Way program was first introduced in Brazil less than two years ago and has managed to attract more than 500 farms so far.

Brazilian coffee comes from different regions, but most of the Volcafe Brazilians come from Mogiana and Cerrado. Mogiana borders Sul de Minas to the east and is a region where exceptionally sweet lots can be found. Cerrado coffees are usually smooth and clean with a good body. It is the newest area in Minas Gerais, but has quickly been recognized as a reliable, high-quality region producing various fine and commercial coffees. In fact, CERRADO is the first coffee producing area in the world to benefit from a "Designated Origin" label, similar to wine, thanks to the perfect combination of altitude, flat topography and blessed climate pattern.

The Volcafe Way program focuses on improving quality and increasing productivity by providing training, technical assistance and resources in modern production technologies. This program was very well received by farmers, which led to an increase in the number of farms involved in it. The Volcafe Way focuses on careful coffee selection to ensure profile consistency and long-term availability.

Within its range of fine Brazilian batches, Volcafe chose the Cemorrado Chocolate Edition, which comes from both the Cerrado and Alta Mogiana regions. This distinctive coffee has a different and seductive profile with sweet and intense notes of dark chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa nibs and a full body. It is a versatile and solid coffee that provides the perfect background to suit any blend.

In conclusion, Brazil is a country with a rich history of coffee production and a continuous commitment to improve quality and productivity.


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