Brazil Cerrado Lua Roxa
  • Brazil Cerrado Lua Roxa

Brazil Cerrado Lua Roxa



Origine: Brazilia

Regiune: Cerrado

Altitudine: 1000-1200m

Varietate: Mundo Novo, Red Catuai

Procesare: Natural

nuts • some chocolate • light body • low acidity

Quantity: 250 Gr.
Grinding level: BEANS

Brazil‘s coffee production represents about one third of the entire coffee production making it by far the biggest producer worldwide for the last 150  years. Both Arabica and Robusta are grown, the latter known as Conillon, whereas Arabica clearly dominates with a growing share of ca. 80%. The  description Cerrado refers to the region where the coffee is coming from. The Cerrado Mineiro Region is known for producing high quality coffees. Well- defined seasons like a hot, wet summer and pleasantly dry winter is a typical characteristic of the region.

Coffees from Brazil are uniquely described in detail: NY 2 stands for “New York 2” and refers to the maximum number of allowed defects according to the  defect count method of the New York stock exchange and is the highest grade. Screen 17/18 defines the bean size being the bigger among the Brazilian  grades. Strictly soft, fine cup describes the cup profile - requiring a smooth, consistent and clean cup. The most common processing method in Brazil, used  for about 90% of the Arabicas produced, is the dry process, also known as unwashed or natural. The entire coffee cherry is first cleaned and then placed in  the sun to dry in thin layers on the patios or is dried in drying machines. Coffee plantations in Brazil often cover immense areas of land, need hundreds of  people to manage and operate them and produce huge quantities of coffee.


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