Specialty coffee equipment and accessories

Coffee grinder:

Investing in a quality coffee grinder is essential to achieving an even and controlled grind that allows you to extract the aromas and flavors from your specialty coffee beans. Conical and flat disc grinders are the preferred options for baristas and specialty coffee lovers. Manual grinders are also a popular alternative as they offer more control over the grinding process.

Precision balance:

Precise amounts of ground coffee and water are essential to achieve a correct extraction and a balanced taste. Invest in a precision balance that allows you to accurately weigh both the coffee and the water used in the brewing process. Digital balances usually offer the highest accuracy and are easy to use.

Thermometer and Stopwatch:

Controlling water temperature and extraction time is important in making specialty coffee. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water and a stopwatch to monitor the extraction time to ensure you are meeting the ideal parameters for each brewing method. Digital thermometers and stopwatches can be integrated into some brewing devices, giving you optimal control of the process.

Preparation devices:

There are a variety of specialty coffee makers available such as espresso machines, pour over coffee makers (V60, Chemex), Aeropress, French press and siphons. Choose one or more of these devices based on your preferred brewing method and your specific needs. Experimenting with different methods and devices can help you discover your favorite combinations and hone your brewing skills.

Cleaning and maintenance accessories:

To keep specialty coffee equipment in good condition and extend its life, invest in proper cleaning and maintenance accessories. Clean brewing devices, grinders and espresso machines regularly, and use decalcifying solutions to remove limescale. Cleaning brushes, special sanitizing solutions and maintenance kits are essential to ensure that your equipment continues to function normally for a long time.