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Indonesia Gayo Belangi
  • Indonesia Gayo Belangi

Indonesia Gayo Belangi


Origine : Indonesia
Regiune:Aceh Sumatra
Varietate: Typica
Procesare : Semi-Washed
/Triple Picked
Recolta :Februarie-August

Quantity: 250 Gr.
Grinding level: BEANS

Gayo Belangi is a specialty coffee brand from the Gayo region of Aceh province in Indonesia. Gayo Belangi coffee is known for its unique aroma and taste, which includes notes of berries, chocolate and nut. Most Gayo Belangi coffees are produced from Arabica coffee beans and are traditionally grown in the hills around the Gayo Mountains. Water processing is a traditional method used to produce Gayo Belangi coffee, which contributes to its aroma and taste characteristics.

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